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Kimberly Wedel

Yoga Instructor

 Bio: I am a proud mother of 3 adult children. I have been in many different aspects of the design field for many years until recently deciding that I wanted more for my true self.  For me that was in the realm of helping people discover how making good health choices for themselves can change their lives dramatically.  I've started working for a chiropractic clinic that believes strongly in making people healthy not only through chiropractic but also nutritionally.  This all fit in perfectly with my passion for yoga and how it can make a great difference in one's life.  I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and became a yoga instructor in 2017.  The journey has been challenging and so very rewarding!

Why I love yoga: Yoga has brought so much more to me than I could have ever imagined.  The practice of yoga is just that, practice.  It is a constant learning opportunity for each person to discover physicality, meditation, body awareness, breath practice, intuitiveness, and community.  All of which can become a part of each yogi's life on and off of their mat.  As a teacher of yoga I feel a great responsibility to give my students the experience that embodies all that yoga is and what that means to each individual.  Yoga can be life changing, it has been for me!

Fun Fact: I can ride a unicycle, even the ones that are 6 feet tall!

Motto:  You bloom where you are planted.  We all have our true selves and we know it when we feel we are in the right place to shine.