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Linda Stevenson

500 RYT Yoga Instructor

 Bio: Life is never easy and mine has been no exception.  After raising my son as a single mom and losing two of my precious babies, life forced me to make some changes. Course corrections, I call them!  I had to look hard at how I was living and wondered how I could do it better and bring a healthier lifestyle to my family.  That began my search for healthy alternatives for living in today’s world.

After many years of practicing yoga, I also realized there was more to it than just being flexible.  With advice from my yoga teacher, I dove head first into yoga teacher training and never looked back.   Teacher training changes you in a way you could never imagine.  Since that time, I have taught, read and immersed myself in the yoga lifestyle.  

I now teach yoga students and teachers how to find their own confidence through yoga and bring that gift to others.  After owning Zen Yoga Studio for several years, I am excited to share the strength and vitality that yoga can bring to individuals.  I continue to study, travel and immerse myself in the grace and light that comes with this practice.  Most recently traveling to India and Kripalu to study with Tao Porchon-Lynch.  

On a basic level, I completed my 500 hour teacher training at Yoga On High, studying with some of the most amazing international yoga teachers. (Rodney Yee, Cyndi Lee, Jason Crandall, Seane Corn, and many more!) I am blessed to have the gift of Reiki Master and am also completing the research needed to be a Certified Aromatherapist. 

My mission and vision is to empower people I meet with everything they need to experience a more full and healthy life.  My classes are spiritual, educational, and fun, as they challenge you to experience yourself. 

Favorite Pose:  Trikanasana because of the beautiful opening you get throughout the entire body, when it is aligned perfectly!

Motto: My personal mission is to empower others with the knowledge, strength, and energy that they need to achieve optimal health in body, mind, and spirit.  I strive to be a living example through my teachings, my sense of adventure, and my lifestyle.

Why I love teaching yoga: Why I love teaching yoga: Yoga allows people to find an internal strength that they never knew they had.  I love to watch the magic of yoga unfold in my students, as they find body awareness, connection with their breath and peace in their hearts.  No other physical practice can do this like yoga, and I am blessed to be one of many who can help my students discover themselves!

Fun Fact: Myself, my son and his significant other are all yoga teachers!  We love that this is a family affair, and it makes our family parties quite interesting!