AnneMarie Stenger

200 RYT Yoga Instructor

I didn’t discover yoga until I was in my late twenties and it took me a little while to build up the courage to try.  I was never particularly athletic; sadly I didn’t think had much coordination, from experiences in various classes and mandatory school gym. Once in my first class I quickly got over an intimidation I had built up in my head because yoga is about staying in the present moment, what I am able to do today and there is no competition. When I finished, I walked out of the building feeling lighter, more peaceful and happier than when I first entered.  

Slowly and steadily, I incorporated yoga more and more into my life and my practice has taught me different things through different periods of my life, to be kind to myself and not to take myself so seriously, it has continued to teach me about my own strength, working through challenges and playing with my edge.  I watching myself grow and I am confronted with my ego on a regular basis.  I have met my best possible self on the mat and also found great tenderness.  Maintaining a connection to my mind, body and spirit has served me in a profound way that brings me back to the mat over and over again.

I also have a great love of spending time with my family and friends. The arts and nature particularly lift my heart.   

Motto: “We are all just walking each other home” -Ram Dass

Why I love teaching yoga: My practice is very precious to me and I appreciate the opportunity to share yoga with others.

Fun Fact: I made a dress out of glass and wore it in a fashion show!