Cindee Sobey


 Bio: I grew up in Northeast Ohio and now reside in beautiful Valley City. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have two amazing sons, my oldest is in the Air Force and my youngest will be attending the Career Center in the fall. Growing up, I was a gymnast and took dance including jazz, ballet, and tap; mainly focused on jazz. I liked competing in gymnastics and my first job was coaching the younger kids which was so rewarding. In my spare time, I enjoy going 4-wheeling with my family. My passion is for animals; I have a Mastiff-Boxer puppy and 3 cats. They give me a sense of calm and I enjoy caring for them. One day, when life is not so hectic, I would like to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Motto: The toughest things in life only make you stronger.

Why I love gymnastics? I love gymnastics because it takes hard work but pays off in a big way! You get a sense of personal accomplishment.

Fun Fact: Coffee is my weakness and I love rainy days!