Lee Schroeder

200 RYT & 500 RYT Yoga Instructor

 Bio: I have my E RYT 200 and RYT 500 hour certifications through Yoga Alliance and have taught over 2500 hours of classes since 2013.  I am most passionate about bringing the benefits of Yoga to all demographics, regardless of age, physical, and developmental abilities.  Over time, I’ve developed an amazing, loyal clientele who have shared their personal success stories and growth with me throughout their Yoga experiences.  My goal is to encourage, empower and inspire all of my students to achieve their highest and best selves through mindfulness and self-awareness, coming from a place of love.

In Yoga, I teach proper alignment and breath-work so that the physical body can become stronger, more flexible and balanced.  I offer many options for each posture so that all students can feel successful and safe.   My students especially enjoy Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) that I provide at the end of each practice.  It’s an opportunity to be in the present moment with mind and breath, to sooth anxiety, pain and to achieve a sense of calm, self-appreciation, and gratitude for all things.

Fun Fact: I love stories about science-fiction, space travel, and the future.  What wonderful possibilities!