Natalie Santivasci

500 RYT Yoga Instructor

Bio: Natalie completed an intense and enlightening 200-hour yoga teacher training at Namaste Yoga Studio under the instruction of studio owner, Jolynn McFerren eRYT 500, Anvia Sheldon eRYT500, and Ruth Zito eRYT500. Natalie has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and has a background in teaching group exercise and personal training. Early on yoga was a source of exercise, strength and flexibility. In recent years her passion expanded to include mindful practices, and spiritual practices together with the asanas. Natalie is drawn to the rich history of yoga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga and strives to live these principles on and off her mat. Her training included Chakra based yoga and several Todd Norian workshops gaining expansion of precise alignment and heartfelt centering. Natalie offers a mindful, and wholehearted practice incorporating the same honor, compassion, empowerment and loving kindness that which she has been exposed. Natalie’s hope is that the inspiration and transformation her students may find on the mat may permeate into life off the mat. She enjoys time with her husband of 25 years, her three emerging adult children, and faithful canine companion, Bella. Nature and the outdoors invigorate her and she values gardening, reading, cooking, essential oils, natural healing, giving back within the community and to earth, oh, and Coffee! Natalie strives to live and breathe yoga principles into each moment with wonder, gratitude and love.

Quotes:  “The inspiration you seek is already within you.  Be silent and listen.” -Rumi

“The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you.”