Jake Lowe

Summer Boys Gymnastics Coach/Summer Camp Coach

(USAG Safety Certified, Safe Sport I, II, III Certified)

Bio: Born in Brunswick, Ohio, Jake has been a member of the gymnastics community for nearly 11 years. Competing as an optional gymnast for four years, and coaching for three, Jake has worked alongside teammates, and gymnasts that he has coached, to further his work within the sport. Jake is also currently competing as a Division I diver for Eastern Michigan University, and is also helping to coach the club diving program on campus. 

Motto: “A ship is safe at harbour, but that’s not where a ship is meant to be kept.”

Why I love coaching: Gymnastics, for me, has always been an escape from everything else in my life. Gymnastics has always acted as a second home for me, and gave me a way to better myself every day, inside, and outside of workouts & competition. Through coaching, I have found how much I enjoy spreading the amazing things the sport has to offer to anyone willing to put the effort into it.