Rachel Kurjian

Birthday Party Hostess/Gymnastics Instructor

(USAG Safety Certified, Safe Sport I, II, III Certified, CPR & First Aid Certified)

Bio: Rachel Kurjian has loved tumbling, gymnastics, and cheerleading for as long as she can remember. She started gymnastics at the tender age of 10. She was homeschooled, but did recreational sports, such as gymnastics, softball, and dance in her high school years. She started teaching at her mom’s daycare, “Tender Hearts In Home Daycare” in 2014, where she is the recreational specialist. She loves children and being around them. She’s lived in Medina County, nearly her entire life.  She looks forward to being a part of the DMGC family and teaching gymnastics as well as hosting birthday party hostess. It is a dream to teach gymnastics, and she's excited about her many roles at DMGC. Rachel is also certified in CPR & First Aid.

Motto: “Believe you can, and you’re half way there.” 

Fun Fact: I love music.