Dance Classes


Instructional dance Classes Offered

Creative Movement/Intro to Dance (3-5 years old): An introduction to dance, creative movement, coordination, and rhythm while learning simple and basic dance games and movements in a fun manner!

Jr. Dance (6-8 years old): Beginning dance class the will be a combination of ballet, jazz, and hip hop to introduce the children to each style of dance.

Adult Dance (18+) Jazz, Dance Class: A dance technique class where you will get the basics of ballet (which are the foundation to much of what you do in jazz) to be utilize in a fun and upbeat jazz class without the intimidation of walking into a strictly ballet class! You will start with a jazz/ballet warm up, followed by across the floor dance techniques, wrapped up with dance combination to the “theme of the week.” Each week will have a theme, such as a certain artist, music from a decade, movie/ musical soundtracks, or music genres that will be danced to throughout the class and that culminates with a combination to that theme!

Themes: Michael Jackson, 80s Pop/Rock, Boy Bands, Britney Spears…

What to wear: Dance pants, leggings, yoga pants, or dance shorts; tops that are not too loose-fitting that you can move comfortably in whether it is a tank/tee/long sleeve (or leotard if you’re comfortable with that); jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or socks (if you do not have dance shoes)

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