Tim Chernock

Gymnastics Instructor

 Bio – Tim started his gymnastics career here in northeast Ohio before he can even remember.  He began competing and continued through the sixth grade when he competed as a class five gymnast.  By his twenties he was sucked back into backyard gymnastics and started coaching as a short term project.  Now he has eleven years of coaching experience and can't imagine a career doing anything else.

Motto – Confidence isn't knowing you will succeed; Confidence is knowing you can still love yourself when you fail.

Why I like coaching - Everything!  I like being silly with kids.  I enjoy watching athletes develop character.  I am fascinated by the complexity of the sport and the coaching techniques associated with it.  I get paid to do handstands!  I go home from work happier than I came in almost every single day.

Fun Fact - I lived in  Berlin, Germany for 6 months learning to speak German.