Cheer Classes


Instructional Cheer Classes Offered

ALL-STAR CHEER: A class dedicated to the athlete who is working to become or is currently an all-star cheerleader.  Focus will be on connection skills, including but not limited to jumps with connected skill (back handspring, back tuck), specialty pass connections, and routine specific tumbling. Tuition is on the 25th of every month for the next month. You'll typically get four classes a month when coming in once a week for this class.

PEE WEE CHEER: This class offers the beginner basics of sideline cheer basics.  Teaching the foundation of motion technique, while focusing on gross motor skills, focusing on proper body positions, alignment, and building structurally sound athletes from the start.  Our pee-wee athletes will learn various chants, cheers, and dance skills, helping to create the understanding of body and movement.  Class will consist of a warm-up, stretching with proper technique, age appropriate jump skills, motions, voice control and basic tumble.

FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH (60-Minute Class): A class dedicated to proper warm-up and stretching technique for athletes of all-ages and who are working in any genre of athletics. Class will focus on a long-lean muscle approach, while reinforcing stretching within your comfort zone for maximum success. Strength conditioning will be done throughout class, focus will be on strengthening complimentary muscle groups.


A class dedicated to the athlete who wants to add tumbling to their skill set that will be beneficial in a sideline cheer atmosphere. Sideline cheer class will include but not be limited to work on standing skills, as well as power hurdle long-tumbling. Jumps will be reviewed.