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Kelly Brown

200 RYT Yoga Instructor & Secretary

 Bio: My yoga journey began as a home practice. For so long yoga had been just for me. I began sharing yoga with my preschoolers, eventually teaching a class to them once a week. I found joy and content in this. From there I realized I loved teaching yoga. It was then that I realized I wanted to share the joy of yoga with others. I want others to find joy, peace and a sense of calm in yoga just as I do when I practice. In April 2017, I received my teaching certificate from the Carrie Treister School of Yoga 200Hr. I am a RYT – 200Hr yoga teacher with an overall 8+ years of experience. My training comes from a mix of home and studio practice. I enjoy vinyasa style classes, warm all-levels classes and restorative classes.

I have lived my life between Ohio and Florida. Both of those places have a special place in my heart. I enjoy being in nature and the ocean. I enjoy curling up with a good book and getting lost in its pages. I have interest in all things artistic and creative. 

Motto: Yoga for healing. Peace. Love. Namaste.

Why I love to teach yoga: I love to teach yoga because I find a sense of joy when I teach. Yoga helps me find peace, calm and balance in my life. It helps keep me grounded and stable. I love what yoga does for the body, mind and spirit. I love the movements and the flows. It keeps me fit and in check with myself. It keeps me flexible and active. Its benefits are tremendous, being a way to heal mental and physical pain. Being one with your body, listening to the music and moving through space is a sensation so great I can’t put it into words. And it is my passion to share these feelings with others. When I began yoga I never thought I would end up teaching it. Now that I am teaching it and sharing it with others I don’t want to look back.

Yoga is my passion. I believe yoga is for everybody. Finding balance, peace, and wellness in everyday life is my life’s journey. And I want to share that journey with others.

Fun Fact: My first group yoga class, outside of my home practice, was on a cruise. It took place in a big room with a big wall window at the front of the ship looking out over the ocean. My brother came with me. My first experience with a group yoga class was memorable and since then my yoga has only grown deeper.